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  • Latest News3 years ago

    Syracuse University permanently expels fraternity for discriminatory video

    Theta Tau apologized for the video calling it “a satirical sketch of an uneducated, racist, homophobic, misogynist, sexist, ableist and intolerant person.” “The young man playing...

  • Latest News3 years ago

    Syracuse University suspends fraternity after ‘extremely racist’ video surfaces

    The videos, Syverud said, includes “words and behaviors that are extremely racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, sexist, and hostile to people with disabilities. I am appalled and shaken...

  • Latest News3 years ago

    There were no bubble snubs this year, but Syracuse over USC, Oklahoma State is perplexing – CollegeBasketballTalk

    The 2018 NCAA tournament is finally here! March is a dreadfully boring time during the American sports calendar. Pro sports are still weeks away from the...