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  • Politics17 hours ago

    Japan trade deal BOOM – Tokyo wants £15bn agreement struck by END of month

    JAPAN wants to sign a trade deal with the UK by the end of the month in a £15 billion boost to British businesses. Source link

  • World17 hours ago

    Venezuelan court sentences 2 former Green Berets to 20 years in prison

    ID cards of people linked to an operation denounced by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro are displayed during a meeting with members of the Armed Forces in...

  • Latest News18 hours ago

    Belarus: Europe’s last dictatorship could be about to fall because of three women | World News

    This is not the election that the long-time leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, had planned. The last five were not hard fought. No need when the...

  • World18 hours ago

    As Trump bans WeChat, some in China turn to encrypted messaging app Signal

    The Signal Messenger app is displayed on a smartphone in Hong Kong, China. Roy Liu | Bloomberg | Getty Images President Donald Trump’s executive order banning American use...

  • Politics19 hours ago

    Bush to publish book with his paintings of 43 immigrants

    A new book by former President George W. Bush will highlight an issue which now sets him apart from many of his fellow Republicans — immigration....

  • Latest News19 hours ago

    Policeman tracks down man who shot him in the stomach – 46 years after his escape from prison | World News

    A policeman shot in the stomach in 1971 has tracked down the man who did it – 46 years after he escaped from prison. Luis Archuleta,...

  • Politics19 hours ago

    Trump adds to fractures in worldwide web

    It may not be possible to have a worldwide internet, after all. Tech policy experts said Friday that the idea of the internet as one global,...

  • Latest News19 hours ago

    Coronavirus: Vaccine may only be 50% effective, US disease expert warns | World News

    An approved coronavirus vaccine may only end up being effective 50% of the time, the top US infectious diseases expert has warned. The chances of a...

  • World19 hours ago

    City in China’s Inner Mongolia issues warning after bubonic plague patient dies

    Authorities in a city in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia issued a warning after a patient who had bubonic plague died of multiple organ failure,...

  • Politics20 hours ago

    Trump threatens to circumvent Congress after coronavirus aid talks hit stalemate

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump threatened on Friday to utilize executive orders for coronavirus aid after congressional Democrats and the White House hit an impasse over...