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  • Politics21 hours ago

    2020ers race toward an electric car future, but Trump has other ideas

    WASHINGTON — You will drive an electric car, and sooner than you think. That’s the upshot of the climate plans coming out of the 2020 Democratic...

  • Politics22 hours ago

    Trump announces 'highest level' of sanctions against Iranian National Bank

    President Trump announced his administration will be imposing the “highest level” of sanctions on the Iranian National Bank amid rising tensions with the U.S. Source link

  • Politics22 hours ago

    Lib Dems write furious letter to Juncker for promising to help Boris get new Brexit deal

    THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have written a furious letter to Jean-Claude Juncker after the EU chief declared a Brexit deal is possible. Source link

  • Politics22 hours ago

    Trump: U.S. has been 'very effective' and is 'slowly reducing' in Afghanistan

    President Trump talked about the United States’ accomplishments in Afghanistan and against ISIS in a news conference with Australian PM Scott Morrison. Source link

  • Politics23 hours ago

    Maurice Ferré, Miami’s first Latino mayor, dies after battling cancer

    MIAMI — Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferré, who’s widely regarded as the father of modern-day Miami, has died. He was 84. Ferré’s son Carlos says his...

  • Politics23 hours ago

    Trump admin ignored its own evidence of climate change’s impact on migration from Central America

    Law enforcement over food aid Under the agreement with Guatemala, an outline of which was obtained by NBC News, nearly 90 Americans from Immigration and Customs...

  • Politics24 hours ago

    Trump administration and El Salvador reach agreement on asylum seekers

    The Trump administration has reached an agreement with the government of El Salvador that requires asylum seekers heading to the U.S. through El Salvador also apply...

  • Politics1 day ago

    May not be in race ‘much longer’ if he can’t raise millions in days

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Cory Booker must raise nearly $2 million in the next 10 days or the presidential candidate has no “legitimate long-term path forward,” according...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Is America ready for an 80-year-old commander in chief?

    The Democratic presidential nomination was open, and it was the vice president’s turn — at long last. His loyalty to the administration was unquestionable, his credentials...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Jeremy Corbyn ready to scrap Brexit within just SIX MONTHS if he becomes Prime Minister

    LABOUR has released a draft statement on Brexit saying they would deal with the UK leaving the EU “one way or another” within six months of...