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  • Politics19 hours ago

    Bob Dole’s standing with Latino voters reflects changing Republican Party

    In 1977, a Republican senator from Kansas joined the newly formed Congressional Hispanic Caucus as an “honorary member.” In the 1980s, he voted for amnesty for...

  • Politics21 hours ago

    Brexit breakthrough: Boris deploys secret weapon AMT to woo Biden in US trade mission

    ANNE-Marie Trevelyan will head to the US this week in a diplomatic mission to boost the UK’s post-Brexit trade across the Atlantic. Source link

  • Politics22 hours ago

    Ripping up EU red tape gives UK companies more chance of winning £300bn projects

    UK companies will finally be able to compete on a level playing field – as onerous EU rules are set to be axed. Source link

  • Politics22 hours ago

    EU red tape slashed as Boris leads Brexit overhaul of Whitehall – huge win for UK firms

    BRITISH firms will be given a better chance of winning multi-million contracts to help build new hospitals, schools and roads under a major post-Brexit shake up...

  • Politics24 hours ago

    Emmanuel Macron's 'vendetta' against Brexit Britain savaged: 'Desperate and pathetic!'

    EMMANUEL MACRON has been brutally torn apart over his “vendetta” against Brexit Britain, with one leading foreign policy expert branding him “desperate and pathetic”. Source link

  • Politics1 day ago

    Criminals will have to pay a minimum of £100 to support victims' services

    CRIMINALS will have to pay a minimum of £100 on top of any fines or damages to support victims’ services such as rape centres under plans...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Veteran fights to get armed forces rape cases heard in civilian and not military courts

    ALL rape cases in the armed forces should be heard in civilian and not military courts, according to the veteran turned MP who led a ground-breaking...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Chris Cuomo denies allegation of sexual misconduct after being fired from CNN

    Anchor Chris Cuomo has denied an allegation of sexual misconduct made against him following his firing from CNN. Cuomo, one of the network’s star anchors, was...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Bipartisan tributes pour in following death of Bob Dole

    WASHINGTON — Republican and Democratic members of Congress sent an outpouring of condolences on Sunday following news of the death of Bob Dole, a former GOP...

  • Politics1 day ago

    U.S. reevaluating southern Africa travel ban, ‘hopefully’ it will be lifted

    WASHINGTON — Top U.S. infectious disease official Anthony Fauci on Sunday said he hopes the ban on travelers from southern African countries can be lifted in...