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  • Politics13 hours ago

    Michelle Obama snub: Why Ex-Flotus WON’T follow daughters Malia and Sasha on social media

    MICHELLE OBAMA recently opened up on being a mother to her two daughters in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, revealing the real reason she won’t follow...

  • Politics13 hours ago

    Bill de Blasio endorses Bernie Sanders in presidential bid

    Julia Jester 1d ago / 5:23 PM UTC Bill de Blasio endorses Bernie Sanders in presidential bid WASHINGTON — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio...

  • Politics14 hours ago

    Inside Trump’s week of rage and retribution

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump spent his first week post-impeachment asserting his dominance over the Department of Justice in a bid to exact revenge on his...

  • Politics14 hours ago

    DNC announces debate qualification threshold for South Carolina

    Alex Seitz-Wald 1d ago / 10:20 PM UTC DNC announces debate qualification threshold for South Carolina WASHINGTON — To qualify for the Democratic debate stage in South...

  • Politics15 hours ago

    Biden calls on Sanders to take accountability for supporters’ threats

    LAS VEGAS — Joe Biden called on Bernie Sanders to accept greater accountability for tactics and rhetoric of his staunchest supporters and do more to discourage...

  • Politics15 hours ago

    Trump pushed CIA to find, kill Osama bin Laden’s son over higher priority targets

    WASHINGTON — When intelligence officials briefed President Donald Trump on the most worrisome terrorist threats during the first two years of his tenure, they regularly mentioned...

  • Politics16 hours ago

    Warren faces pressure to revive fighter persona after ‘unity’ pitch falls flat

    WASHINGTON — Beto O’Rourke tried it. Kamala Harris tried it. Cory Booker tried it. And one by one, they all flamed out. Now, Elizabeth Warren is...

  • Politics18 hours ago

    BBC on the brink: Boris declares war on Beeb… but shock Tory rebels fight back

    BORIS JOHNSON was facing a Tory rift over the BBC last night after Downing Street sources raised doubts about the future of the corporation’s TV channels...

  • Politics18 hours ago

    Hard Brexit opponents STILL hopeful Boris will strike agreement with close EU alignment

    HARD Brexit opponents are holding out desperate hope Boris Johnson will eventually sign up for a trade deal with close alignment with the European Union, one...

  • Politics19 hours ago

    Boris' budget set for second DELAY as Grant Shapps warns new Chancellor needs 'more time'

    NEW Chancellor Rushi Sunak could delay next month’s Budget announcement following his shock rise to replace Sajid Javid last week. Source link