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  • Politics1 day ago

    Sturgeon under threat as new group plans to halt independence dream – 'Scots have spoken!'

    NICOLA STURGEON is under threat from a new political group which plans to stop a second referendum on Scottish independence by taking on the SNP in...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Outrage as France demands British taxpayer PAYS £30m to curb migrant smuggling

    FRANCE is demanding Britain pays tens of millions to curb illegal immigration brought into the country by smuggling gangs from the Continent. Source link

  • Politics2 days ago

    ‘No excuse for children not to be in school’ Boris issues Coronavirus ultimatum to parents

    BORIS JOHNSON has taken personal charge of schools reopening and warned there must be “no excuses” for children not to be back in the classroom come...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Sturgeon FURIOUS and fires back at ‘bonkers’ claims she is not dedicated to independence

    NICOLA STURGEON has furiously hit back at critics who questioned her commitment to the Scottish independent cause, branding their claims “bonkers”. Source link

  • Politics2 days ago

    Coronavirus update: Second lockdown will DESTROY British pubs – we won't survive

    RURAL pub landlords have warned that a second lockdown could force them to close their businesses permanently, ripping the hearts out of towns and villages across...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Trump to sign executive order on coronavirus economic relief

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on coronavirus economic relief Saturday, according to a White House official. The expected signing...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Lawmakers plead with Trump admin to declassify more about 2020 meddling

    WASHINGTON — Sounding the alarm from behind a curtain of classification, lawmakers briefed on U.S. intelligence have been practically begging the Trump administration to make public...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Hong Kong hits back at ‘shameless’ U.S. sanctions on leader Carrie Lam

    HONG KONG — The Chinese and Hong Kong governments strongly criticized Washington Saturday after the United States imposed sanctions on the territory’s leader Carrie Lam, and...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Failure wasn’t an option on coronavirus aid. It was the only option.

    WASHINGTON — No matter the actual need, there was never much chance Congress would agree to another major spending package for coronavirus relief this summer. That’s...

  • Politics2 days ago

    SNP under pressure as thousands of NHS workers join protest – 'COVID hero, pay rise zero!'

    THOUSANDS of NHS workers took to the streets in response to a government pay rise which campaigners say excludes “a massive number of healthcare workers”. Source...