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  • Politics21 hours ago

    China threat: British academics being used in Chinese coronavirus propaganda, MPs warn

    CONCERNS have been raised that the Chinese government controlled state broadcaster is using British academics to support its “propaganda” and provide cover for the Communist regime...

  • Politics22 hours ago

    MPs return to ‘business as usual’ as Parliament declared safe to reopen amid COVID fears

    A HEALTH and safety report has cleared Parliament to reopen normally on June 2, the Sunday Express can reveal. Source link

  • Politics1 day ago

    Boris considered using army to enforce London coronavirus lockdown according to report

    THE GOVERNMENT had plans to use the military to enforce lockdown in London when social distancing measures were first introduced according to new reports. Source link

  • Politics1 day ago

    Boris finalises plans to lift lockdown as package worth hundreds of millions unveiled

    BORIS JOHNSON has unveiled a series of crucial measures to allow Britain start to safely start to come out of lockdown at the beginning of June....

  • Politics1 day ago

    Patel to close Channel loophole exposed by Farage that allows illegal migrants to reach UK

    HOME Secretary Priti Patel is planning on changing international law in the Channel to close a loophole that is allowing hundreds of illegal migrants to cross...

  • Politics1 day ago

    EU on brink: Farage and Soros warn Italy will follow UK with Italexit in rare agreement

    NIGEL FARAGE has claimed that he believes Italy will be the first country to follow Britain out of the EU after its treatment over coronavirus. Source...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Dominic Cummings made SECOND 250-mile trip during lockdown as row escalates

    DOMINIC CUMMINGS made a second 250-mile trip from London at the height of the coronavirus lockdown, the Daily Mirror has reported, as pressure continues to grow...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Labour calls for ‘urgent inquiry’ into Dominic Cummings' actions as lockdown row escalates

    LABOUR has become the latest opposition political party to write to the head of the civil service to call for an urgent inquiry into the actions...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Dominic Cummings resign: Will he quit? What has happened to Dominic Cummings?

    DOMINIC Cummings has faced scathing backlash today after it emerged he travelled more than 250 miles north with his wife, who had suspected symptoms of COVID019,...

  • Politics2 days ago

    Biden strikes a populist tone but stops short of embracing Warren’s economic plans

    WASHINGTON — Joe Biden is striking a populist tone but has stopped short of embracing some of the ambitious plans championed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.,...