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  • Politics5 hours ago

    'EU army': Bloc launches £5bn 'off-budget' defence fund to send 'weapons' globally

    A NEW Controversial defence fund and project has been launched by the EU just as Britain left the bloc. Source link

  • Politics6 hours ago

    EU vaccine FARCE: Brussels panic as bloc investigated over secretive Covid jab supply

    THE EU is being investigated over its coronavirus vaccine supply contracts. Source link

  • Politics6 hours ago

    Brexit LIVE: Gove sent urgent letter from meddling House of Lords – demand response

    MICHAEL Gove has been put on the spot by a House of Lords committee in which peers demand he offers them answers about how the Government’s...

  • Politics7 hours ago

    Brussels on red alert as Brexit may create cracks in bloc – 'END of EU will be great!'

    THE European Union has been put on alert following Brexit Britain’s departure from the bloc, with one leading Frexit campaigner warning Brussels will be increasingly terrified...

  • Politics10 hours ago

    Biden calls Canada’s Trudeau, Mexico’s López Obrador in first outreach to foreign leaders

    WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden made his first calls to foreign leaders as America’s commander in chief on Friday, dialing up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

  • Politics12 hours ago

    Biden’s acting attorney general signed off on reassigning prosecutor who objected to family separations

    WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden‘s pick to run the Justice Department temporarily, Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson, signed off on a 2017 decision to remove a...

  • Politics13 hours ago

    Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump’s Covid-19 coordinator, said she considered quitting

    Dr. Deborah Birx, who had been one of the White House’s chief coronavirus response coordinators, said Friday she considered quitting under former President Donald Trump, whose...

  • Politics14 hours ago

    Experts praise Biden’s Covid-19 plan, but warn that undoing Trump-era mistakes will take time

    President Joe Biden’s battle plan to beat Covid-19 is “spot on,” but restoring Americans’ trust in “science-based leadership” won’t be easy after four years of Donald...

  • Politics14 hours ago

    Congress clears path for first Black defense secretary

    WASHINGTON — The Democratic-controlled Congress easily passed legislation Thursday required to confirm retired Gen. Lloyd Austin as President Joe Biden’s secretary of defense, brushing aside concerns...

  • Politics15 hours ago

    Finally getting it! Irish fishing sector on brink as Brexit Britain 'gifted £37million'

    IRELAND’s fishing industry is facing a fight for its very survival as a result of the deal signed between the UK and EU – with one...