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  • Politics5 hours ago

    Theresa May BLASTS Boris Johnson as ‘moral failure’ in post-Brexit British values snub

    THERESA MAY has lashed out at Boris Johnson for his record as Prime Minister, accusing him of abandoning Britain’s “position of global moral leadership”. Source link

  • Politics5 hours ago

    Brexit LIVE: Boris rages at EU's trade deal extension demand: 'You have reasonable time!'

    BORIS JOHNSON has issued a warning to the EU that the Brexit deal signed between the two sides last month must be ratified by February 28....

  • Politics6 hours ago

    Brexit just the beginning! Boris handed perfect way to destroy Labour in North for good

    BREXIT should kickstart a radical agenda to transform communities across northern England and make them Conservative strongholds, the MP for Britain’s most marginal constituency has told...

  • Politics6 hours ago

    Impeached twice and still no wall, Mr. Trump goes from Washington

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump did not build a wall or end American carnage or finish his term with a robust economy. His slogan was “Make...

  • Politics7 hours ago

    From the Women’s March to the Capitol riot

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Trump during the G-7 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, on June 9, 2018. The gathering, which included Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo...

  • Politics7 hours ago

    Washington hotels weigh inauguration profits against safety

    It used to be that inauguration was the cash cow for the Washington hotel industry. But this year, given the recent riot on the Capitol and...

  • Politics8 hours ago

    Gibraltar row explodes as Spain issued dire warning: 'NOTHING will cleave Rock from UK!'

    GIBRALTAR’S Chief Minister Fabian Picardo issued a warning to the Spanish Government regarding their future relationship. Source link