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  • Politics2 hours ago

    Scotland independence 'not off the table'- How Sturgeon could impose Canada's Quebec rules

    CANADA’S independence rules for Quebec, dubbed the Quebec Separatist Movement, should be imposed in Scotland, according to the All for Unite Party leader, Jamie Blackett. Source...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    White House announces global destinations of 55 million donated Covid vaccines

    WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday announced which countries will receive 55 million doses of the U.S.’s supply of Covid-19 vaccines as part of President...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Andy Burnham hits back! Sturgeon attacked as brutal war of words erupts -'It's insulting!'

    MANCHESTER MAYOR Andy Burnham has lashed out at the Scottish First Minister as a brutal war of words erupted between the political rivals. Source link

  • Politics2 hours ago

    CDC launches Covid-19 WhatsApp chat in Spanish to spur more Latino vaccinations

    As Latinos continue to get hit with disinformation in Spanish about the Covid-19 vaccine on social media and messaging platforms, the federal government is making an...

  • Politics3 hours ago

    Small-minded! Anger as EU hatches 'protectionist' plot to 'censor' UK content –leaked memo

    EU chiefs have been accused of a “small-minded, protectionist” plot to ban the broadcast of British-made television and films in revenge for Brexit. Source link

  • Politics3 hours ago

    'Sick of it!' Scotland fans furious at BBC's football coverage – Nicola Sturgeon weighs in

    SCOTTISH Nationalist MPs have demanded the devolution of broadcasting powers after BBC English football pundits gloated about their football success during coverage of last weeks England-Scotland...

  • Politics4 hours ago

    'EU is dying regime!' Brussels shamed for 'propaganda' drive – insider lifts lid on farce

    THE EU is “a dying regime” a former European Parliament adviser has claimed, as he savaged the bloc’s new initiative as an “idle institutional propaganda exercise”....