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  • Politics1 hour ago

    Jaime Harrison, Steve Bullock, Sara Gideon and Cal Cunningham raise big money for Senate bids

    Carrie Dann and Ben Kamisar 23m ago / 4:34 PM UTC WASHINGTON — As Republicans nervously watch President Donald Trump’s slide in the presidential polls, Democratic...

  • Politics3 hours ago

    Remainer Philip Hammond ordered to be 'silent' after warning about loosening EU ties

    REMAINER ex-chancellor Philip Hammond has been told to be silent on current affairs after he issued a warning over the UK loosening ties with the European...

  • Politics4 hours ago

    Supreme Court won’t throw out ban on robocalls to cellphones

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to strike down a federal law banning automated calls to the nation’s cellphone users. By a vote...

  • Politics4 hours ago

    EU splintering: Brussels must learn two critical lessons or ‘risks further decay’

    THE European Union must learn two huge lessons from the coronavirus pandemic which is wreaking havoc on the eurozone’s economy, a British political scientist has said....

  • Politics4 hours ago

    Supreme Court rules ‘faithless electors’ can’t go rogue at Electoral College

    WASHINGTON — The 538 people who cast the actual votes for president in December as part of the Electoral College are not free agents and must...

  • Politics5 hours ago

    Nicola Sturgeon shamed: 600 Scottish schools not inspected for a decade or more

    HUNDREDS of primary schools in Scotland have not been inspected for a decade or more, figures reveal. Source link

  • Politics5 hours ago

    Mary Trump’s book about the president to be published two weeks early

    WASHINGTON — A book by Mary Trump, President Donald Trump’s niece, will be released two weeks early, publisher Simon & Schuster announced Monday. The company said...