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  • Politics48 mins ago

    EU red tape is 'DESTROYING British industry' – Tory Mayor lashes out at Brussels rules

    CONSERVATIVE Mayor of the Tees Valley Ben Houchen has hit out at the EU’s red tap for “destroying” British industries. Source link

  • Politics1 hour ago

    Trump and Biden get evites as Al Smith Dinner goes virtual

    President Donald Trump is expected to be in virtual attendance Thursday as New York City’s annual Al Smith Dinner moves mostly online because of the coronavirus...

  • Politics1 hour ago

    MP in Blair's former seat erupts at Labour Remainer in scathing rant: 'Did NOTHING for us'

    VOTERS in Sedgefield, County Durham, have hit out at former Prime Minister Tony Blair for not doing anything for them, according to Paul Howell MP. Source...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Americans who joined ISIS or planned attacks did so with little money

    A new report on terrorism financing shows that for most Americans who sought to join or support ISIS, the trip was cheap and the money came...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    SNP candidate branded ‘deluded’ for plan to 'create money' in independent Scotland

    SCOTTISH independence backers have been branded “deluded” and for suggesting the country could simply create money if it left the United Kingdom. Source link

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Tories on the brink: Peter Bone in damning rant against Boris's 'unelected spin doctors'

    CONSERVATIVE MP Peter Bone lashed out at the Government, accusing Boris Johnson of leaving decision-making powers on coronavirus rules to “unelected spin doctors” at the expense...

  • Politics3 hours ago

    Mary Trump slams the president for not paying taxes for years

    WASHINGTON — Mary Trump, a niece of the president’s, says that the topic of her uncle not paying income taxes for 10 of the last 15...