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  • Politics5 hours ago

    Boris Johnson's National Security Council blasted by MPs 'Britain could be wiped out'

    A SCATHING report published in the wake of the pandemic and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan warns that the National Security Council chaired by the prime...

  • Politics8 hours ago

    Scots bombarded with 500,000 'junk mail' IndyRef2 leaflets on day SNP lost 2014 referendum

    SCOTS have been bombarded with hundreds of thousands of ‘junk mail’ IndyRef2 leaflets on the anniversary day they voted to remain in the UK. Source link

  • Politics9 hours ago

    Maricopa County, Arizona Senate reach deal to end fight over election equipment

    PHOENIX — Board members overseeing Arizona’s most populous county reached an agreement Friday evening with the Republican-controlled state Senate that will end a standoff over a...

  • Politics9 hours ago

    Relatives of Afghan family killed in U.S. drone strike call for compensation, help leaving Kabul

    For the United States, Friday’s apology for a drone strike that killed 10 innocent civilians in Afghanistan last month was a rare admission of a deadly...

  • Politics10 hours ago

    U.S. ramps up plan to expel Haitian migrants gathered in Texas

    DEL RIO, Texas — U.S. officials said Saturday that within the next three days, they plan to ramp up expulsion flights for some of the thousands...

  • Politics11 hours ago

    Brexit on steroids! Nicola Sturgeon told to drop independence obsession and focus on Scots

    NICOLA Sturgeon has been urged to scrap plans for a second independence referendum and focus on the needs of the Scottish people. Source link

  • Politics11 hours ago

    Food shortages within DAYS: Crisis talks as fears grow over empty shelves

    WARNINGS of massive disruption to food and drink supplies are causing alarm. The delivery of meat, beer and fizzy drinks might be affected within days. Source...