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  • Latest News5 hours ago

    EU prepares for major international cyber attacks ahead of elections | Science & Tech News

    By Alexander J Martin, technology reporter Law enforcement agencies across the EU are preparing to respond to a major international cyber attack ahead of the end...

  • Latest News6 hours ago

    Whale dies after swallowing 40kg of plastic bags | UK News

    A whale that washed up in the southern Philippines died after swallowing 40kg of plastic bags. Marine biologist Darrell Blatchley was called to recover the 4.7m-long...

  • Latest News6 hours ago

    <a href='' target='_blank' target='_blank'>How #DeepOceanLive made history (best viewed on mobile)</a>

    <a href='' target='_blank' target='_blank'>How #DeepOceanLive made history (best viewed on mobile)</a> Source link

  • Latest News7 hours ago

    Protests enter fourth week as Algeria’s president postpones election | World News

    By Zayneb Benyoucef, news reporter Thousands of protesters have gathered throughout Algeria for the fourth week in a row as they call for the country’s president...

  • Latest News8 hours ago

    Deep Ocean Live: Sky News makes history with first deep sea TV bulletin | Ocean Rescue News

    By David Mercer, news reporter Sky News has descended hundreds of feet below the Indian Ocean to broadcast the world’s first live TV news bulletin from...

  • Latest News8 hours ago

    Sheep impregnated using 50-year-old sperm | World News

    Endangered species may have found a new lifeline after sheep were impregnated using 50-year-old frozen sperm. Samples taken from four rams including one called Sir Freddie...

  • Latest News10 hours ago

    Shooting in Netherlands with ‘multiple injuries’ | World News

    There are multiple injuries after a shooting in the Dutch city of Utrecht, police have said. RTV Utrecht reported that shots had been fired near Oudenrijn...