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Anti-McConnell strategy doesn’t pay off for GOP insurgents



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MIDTERM MADNESS: Anti-McConnell strategy doesn’t pay for GOP insurgents

Leigh Ann Caldwell looks at how GOP candidates who bash Mitch McConnell aren’t necessarily seeing it pay off.

Democrats are pointing to their lack of damaging primaries as a strength, writes Paul Kane.

Republican gerrymandering might backfire for the GOP this year, POLITICO reports.

More brutal primaries are looming for the Republican Party.

Mike Pence is planning a joint fundraiser in Indianapolis for Josh Hawley and Mike Braun, the Washington Examiner reports.

CA-SEN: What’s going on with that anti-Semitic California candidate?

FL-GOV: Richard Corcoran is dropping out, setting up a two-man race between Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis.

MD-GOV: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kamenetz has died just weeks before the primary.

MI-GOV: The Detroit Free Press profiles Shri Thanedar.

MO-GOV: The name of the woman at the center of the Eric Greitens trial will be used in court.

MS-SEN: Robert DeNiro and Alec Baldwin are raising money for a Democrat trying to unseat Roger Wicker.

NY-GOV: Andrew Cuomo has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Eric Schneiderman.

TN-SEN: The Wall Street Journal notes that the Bredesen-vs.-Blackburn race is emerging as a bellwether.

TX-GOV: The Texas Tribune traces how Andrew White came around to politics.

WI-SEN: A group of Democratic veterans is calling for Kevin Nicholson to apologize for his controversial remarks about military vets who support Dems.

WV-SEN: Don Blankenship’s defeat may have shattered Democrats’ dreams of taking back the Senate, POLITICO writes.

(We’re not quite sure that the Dem odds of retaking the Senate before last week – 20 percent? 40 percent? – hinged on Blankenship being the GOP’s nominee in West Virginia.)

Trump called Blankenship after his loss.

TRUMP AGENDA: Welcome home

Trump has welcomed three Americans freed from North Korea — and praised Kim Jong Un.

The Washington Post asks if Trump’s efforts at foreign policy victories can mitigate the damage of his personal scandals.

The Washington Post looks at how Michael Cohen convinced companies to pay him millions for access to Trump.

Cohen says Michael Avenatti released records associated with other people who share his name.

Europe is struggling to protect its interests after again being humiliated by Trump, writes the New York Times.

John McCain is opposing Gina Haspel’s nomination to lead the CIA.

The New York Times looks at what’s happening inside Eric Schneiderman’s downfall.

Trump says he’ll curb drug prices. The Wall Street Journal looks at the pros and cons of the plan.

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Pennsylvania high court throws out challenge to mail-in ballots



The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday rejected an election challenge spearheaded by U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, who argued that a law permitting no-excuse mail voting violated the state Constitution.

Kelly, along with several other Pennsylvania Republicans, sought to invalidate millions of mail-in votes, which could have ceded a key state won by President-Elect Joe Biden to President Donald Trump.

The ruling said, “Petitioners sought to invalidate the ballots of the millions of Pennsylvania voters who utilized the mail-in voting procedures. … Alternatively, Petitioners advocated the extraordinary proposition that the court disenfranchise all 6.9 million Pennsylvanians who voted in the General Election and instead ‘direct the General Assembly to choose Pennsylvania’s electors.'”

The high court ruled no on all counts and said, “All other outstanding motions are dismissed as moot.” It said the claim could have resulted in the “disenfranchisement” of millions of voters.

A spokesman for Kelly did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The state Supreme Court unanimously wiped out a lower court order that had blocked state officials from doing anything further to carry out this week’s certification of the election results.

The court criticized plaintiffs for filing the suit more than a year after universal mail-in voting was established in the state and said they lacked “due diligence.”

The suit is one of more than 26 pro-Trump election challenges dismissed by courts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and elsewhere.

The president has claimed his loss is the result of widespread fraud but so far not a single court, including some headed by Trump appointees, have agreed.

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Britain will announce no-deal Brexit NEXT WEEK unless the EU concedes warns Downing Street



DOWNING STREET sources have warned the UK could be a week away from trade talks with the EU breaking down.

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Brexit ULTIMATUM: 'No sell out' to Brussels to get a deal, vows Boris



BORIS Johnson has vowed that there will be “no sell out” with Brussels to get a Brexit trade deal.

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