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Teen with Down syndrome kicked off Alaska Airlines flight after vomiting



A woman says her family was booted off an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle this week because her teenage brother with Down syndrome vomited a small amount.

The teen had just boarded flight 779 in St. Louis on Monday following an Easter weekend trip when flight attendants asked him and his parents to deplane, Meaghan Hess, a third-year law student and a staffer for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, said in a written statement.

“After boarding the flight, Patrick threw up a little and the airline workers kicked my family off the flight,” said Hess, who was not traveling with her family at the time.

The airline booked the trio on a flight the next morning, but did not offer to pay for accommodations, Hess said. A representative told her father that the family should have been charged for the 6 a.m. flight but that Alaska Airlines was extending a courtesy, according to Hess.

A teen with Down syndrome was booted from an Alaska Airlines flight.

Meaghan Hess says Alaska Airlines’ treatment of her brother is a case of “disability discrimination.” The airline says it was just being cautious as flight crews are not trained medical professionals.