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  • Latest News3 years ago

    U.S. plans new sanctions on Russia after Syria strike

      Days after the U.S. and its allies launched airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapons facilities, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said new sanctions will be imposed against...

  • Latest News3 years ago

    Oklahoma, Kentucky public schools close as thousands of teachers strike

    “It is a heartfelt thing. It’s not just something to do, a way to get attention,” he said. “This is the heart of education … This...

  • Latest News3 years ago

    West Virginia teachers strike: Other states with low pay could also see labor action

    The West Virginia teachers strike that ended last week may have ignited a national labor movement, as teachers in Kentucky, Arizona and Oklahoma are making their...

  • Latest News3 years ago

    West Virginia teachers unions say strike still on after Senate votes to trim deal

    Unions representing West Virginia teachers and service personnel said Saturday that they will stay out on strike after the state Senate voted to cut the 5...