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  • Politics23 hours ago

    'Stop talking rubbish, Adam!' Rattled Alex Salmond loses it in staggering Sky News spat

    A RATTLED Alex Salmond erupted at Adam Boulton in a furious appearance on Sky News, prompting the Alba Party leader to threaten to quit the live...

  • Politics23 hours ago

    Harris addresses shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility

    IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Vice President Harris addressed the shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx facility...

  • Politics24 hours ago

    Out of touch! Bitter EU blasted for 'blackmailing' UK on trade – Boris urged to walk away

    THE EU has proved yet again how “out of touch” it is with its attempt to “blackmail” the UK over Northern Ireland, a pro-Brexit campaigner has...

  • Politics1 day ago

    BBC presenter shuns impartiality warning to launch furious rant on Nigel Farage coverage

    A BBC presenter is under fire after saying she was “haunted” by suggestions the broadcaster’s coverage of Nigel Farage had bolstered Ukip support. Source link

  • Politics1 day ago

    Merkel refuses to back down as Biden explodes over Russia deal – US threatens punishment

    PRESIDENT Joe Biden has voiced further opposition to the construction of a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. Source link

  • Politics1 day ago

    Biden administration to put $1.7 billion toward tracking Covid variants

    WASHINGTON — The Biden administration said Friday that it is giving states $1.7 billion to track Covid-19 variants. The money, from the Covid relief package enacted...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Tory election nightmare: Boris braced to lose 550 council seats on Super Thursday

    SENIOR Tories are braced to lose 550 council seats at the “super Thursday” local elections next month. The Conservative party scooped up the seats in 2017...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Trouble for Macron: More than 80% of French voters believe situation of the Left is 'bad'

    EMMANUEL MACRON and his left-wing allies in France are suffering a bitter blow after the latest presidential election poll saw more than 80 percent of French...

  • Politics1 day ago

    Flustered Sturgeon loses it when confronted with huge economic cost of independence

    NICOLA STURGEON became flustered in an awkward car-crash interview over Scottish independence when a Channel 4 News reporter confronted the SNP leader on its economic cost....

  • Politics1 day ago

    Polls show Biden reaping solid approval ratings with popular policies

    WASHINGTON — In the last 48 hours, we’ve seen four different national polls that all show President Biden’s approval rating above water — with the highest...